seriously serious

i've been watching/listening to a lot of steven furtick sermons lately and i'm not gonna lie...they're really good. do me a favor here, okay? if you normally close out my blog now once you see i'm posting about something religious or whatever...don't! do me one favor and read on. cool? cool!

i'll be real honest here...i have been having a terrible week. now, when i say "terrible" i don't mean bad things are happening or anything. i mean things just stink! i've been making dumb choices that make life harder than it should be. i haven't been trusting that God really knows what He's talking about. i've been staying up too late. i haven't been praying enough or reading my Bible enough. basically...i haven't been doing a good job at being the Godly person i want to be. guess what? i'm human. this happens to me all the time. for some reason i'm reacting a little differently this week than normal. i'm putting more pressure on myself to be a "game-changer" (meaning: world changer) and i think that is what's making my week bad. so, my week being bad is basically because i'm not doing enough for the Kingdom. are my weeks every really good?

one good thing this week? scripture!! passages like Psalm 37:23-24 say, "The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fail for the Lord holds them by the hand." scripture like this keeps me motivated even after a bad day where i completely suck! question: why do i not get into the Word more? answer: because i am a stubborn human who thinks he can do life himself...but can't! it's not like it's rocket science! i can't have a good day by myself! James 1:17 says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

my point: although scripture tells us that "every good and perfict gift is from above," we're not guaranteed a good life, ya know? while the good days i have (which are many) are gifts from's a possibility that my life might not ever be good ever again! ultimately, i'm not guaranteed a "good" life. what am i guaranteed, you ask? nothing. my only goal in life is to glorify God. sounds simple, right? does. easy? not really.


  1. I jst stumbled upon your blog while i was searching for how to pray.I'm new to all of this stuff and what you wrote is really motivating and inspiring. You might be already and I just don't know you or haven't heard of you, but you should be published.I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.

  2. thanks a ton for this comment. that's awesome you're digging into prayer and how to do it. hope you found/are finding what you're looking for. my guess is though that if you're looking to God you're finding it.

    maybe someday i'll be a published writer...but for now i'll stick to this. :)

  3. REALITY CHECK: You, sir, are human. Why preach? We are all equal, right? Then we are all sinners and sin the same. There is no motivation needed. There is no inspiration needed. Church is not necessary. You are preaching to the choir and the choir is going to hell. It is reality. I am sorry to burst your bubble and the bubble of the followers you have, but we have to be real with ourselves and KNOW that God is a made up way of thinking and does NOT matter in the end. I'll be honest though, I will keep reading your posts because I do like what you say, even though I do NOT believe in God. God? No answer. See.

  4. I was the one who commented above. Here is an update in case you care. The way you come across makes me believe that you do.

    I showed a friend of mine your blog and he read through this post and then went on to view the video. Afterward he said he loved it and couldn't agree more. I honestly could not believe what I was hearing. I had no idea he felt that way. To keep my story short and not to take up too much of your time: I am going to church with him now every Sunday to try to figure life out. That is all though. Thanks, I guess.

  5. hey friend...i'm sorry i haven't replied sooner. one downside of having just a few followers: not a lot of comments to check on, but i'm super glad to hear you're reading my blog. ;)

    that's great you're going to Church regularly with your friend. i'm a firm believer in Church being a place where many questions can be answered. it seems you're on the right track by looking for answers to your questions. obviously your friend (and the Church) are good places to go for answers...but if you have any "out of left field" questions feel free to email me or comment here. i'll try to be better about checking in on comments.