marathon training (week nine)

this week has been a tough running week. i felt major fatigue all week and my head just wasn't in it. it's a little frustrating actually because i'm normally really optimistic even while running. lately's been rough. i'll find myself thinking during the entire run how i don't want to be running. it's clearly a sign that i might need a little time off. well...too bad. :)

i also got a wicked bad chest cold last week that prevented me from sleeping good at night. i normally get about six hours of sleep (i know it's not enough), but with all of the coughing i was doing it was even less than six. i finally went to the doctor tuesday and got put on a five-day antibiotic which i think is helping. she even told me (not sure if this is a good thing or not) that i could continue to train...just as long as i "try to take it a little easy...maybe slow your pace down." no problem, doc!

and of course you all heard i got the promotion at work, right? i's not like that is now my most popular blog post ever (by like three times as much as any other post). the job is going great, too!!

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: i NEED a minimalist shoe. yes, i'm going to be trendy and make the switch to a minimalist shoe. i don't even care. that's all. i'm planning on getting these next time i'm willing to spend money on running shoes.

week nine numbers:

starting weight: 178

monday - rest
tuesday - 3 miles / 26:41 (8:47)
wednesday - rest
thursday - 7 miles / 01:03:30 (9:05)
friday - 4 miles / 33:40 (8:25) 30 minutes strength training
saturday - rest
sunday - 10 miles / 01:32:41 (9:17)

total mileage for the week:  24 miles

ending weight: 180

total weight loss/gain: +2