here's to being four years old

today my awesome nephew is four years old. holy crap does that make me feel old. the kid is something else and i'm extremely proud to be his uncle. he's finally getting to that age where we can REALLY start messing with his parents.

happy birthday little dude!


one week to go

well, emily and i are a week out from the marathon. to say that i'm under prepared is a vast understatement. if you know me at all you know me as a dude who likes to be prepared for things. i mean...i make lists to help me get prepared for things. i know that some people go through life without planning anything and probably do fairly well; however, i feel intense anxiety when i'm not prepared for something. literally...i actually get stomach aches if i don't feel like i'm prepared enough for something. lame, i know.

enter marathon training several weeks in. i've built up my training and mileage enough that i can comfortably run 10-15 miles on a weekend and not let it kill me. running 26.2 miles though....that involves some training and some planning ahead. so, the planning i did involved about 18 weeks of training to build up the endurance both physically and mentally. what i didn't foresee happening was my life going from "a little crazy" to "life is almost out of control crazy" and apparently the priority of running went the way of dinosaurs. now, a week away from running the marathon i feel sick when i think of how prepared i am....i mean how prepared i'm not.

if you don't happen to read the blog emily and i write together you can read a little about how my life got a bit out of control within the past several weeks by clicking here. hint: our family is growing!