moving on up

you may have previously read something in my blog about the promotion i was up for, or maybe you didn't because you're tired of reading about running. either way...onto the good news.

i got it!! i'm now a service manager!!

i found out today. can you believe this dude will be managing people? to say i'm excited is an understatement. an understatement like type politicians use to tell taxpayers their taxes will "go up slightly." what?

i'm the type of person becoming the type of person who likes to figure out what i'm suppose to learn in certain life situations. i believe God puts me (and you) in tons of different predicaments just to see how we come out of it and to teach us something. with all of the waiting i did for this promotion (close to four months probably) i could very easily tell that patience was top on the "things you need to learn from this" list. i feel like i was able to check that one off. not like i have patience conquered or anything...but you get what i mean, right? i feel confident that emily would say i'm a much more patient person than i used to be, but i'm not going to wait around while you ask her...that would take forever. moving on.

faith and contentment were two key factors in this experience, too. it was tough to keep faith that God does know what's best for me. it was difficult to remember that no matter what the outcome could've was God's will being done. would i have been content if i hadn't gotten this promotion? i'd like to think so, but i'll be honest...being content was the most difficult part of this deal.

power of prayer! it works, my friends. it really does. what's the saying..."God doesn't always answer 'yes' to your prayers...but He does always answer." you get what it's saying though. i really learned a lot about prayer. at first i felt guilty for praying for a promotion. "dear'd be really awesome if you could get me this promotion. i know i'd get a big raise, but of course...only if it's Your plan for me...i mean, You know best." scripture says that if we need something...anything....just ask. so, i did. over and over and over and over and over again. like a kid sitting in the back seat asking his/her parents every minute if they're there yet. 99.9999% of the time that answer is no, but guess what....eventually that kid is going to get a 'yes' out of his parents. by just asking!