does david bowie freak anyone else out?

i wonder why so many people don't like change. big or little, some people just don't want it. they're good with a mundane life where everything is routine. don't get me wrong...i definitely like a routine and feeling like i have things planned out, but what fun is it to stay the same?

you know now from reading one of my previous posts that i've made a few changes in my life over the past couple of years. before that i don't think i was really into change. so what changed in me to cause me to like change? is that a paradox? for me, personally, i was just fed up with being overweight. all it took was that one time looking into a mirror and thinking, "dude...what the what? you need change!"

it's funny how people can react to your change though. for example: person A (we'll call him Bill) is living a "not-so-by-the-book-kinda-life" and on a downhill path to nowhere (because obviously a downhill path can't lead anywhere good...know why? cause once you're at the bottom you have to get back to where you came from...and that is up and harder to get to. what?) anyway, person B (we'll call him Lameface, yes that is a real name...i think it's french) hasn't seen Bill for quite a while and then one day hears an update about him and this is where weirdness happens. some people (i wish it were 'most') would say something like this to Bill, "wow-wee bill, what a great thing you've know...changing...for the better. previously you weren't so cool, but now that you've're pretty cool!" but then there are other people, like Lameface, that realize they haven't done any changing for the better and are possibly a bit upset about they decide to try and knock Bill down a few notches by bringing up his past. you get where i'm going? you pickin' up what i'm puttin' down? sorry i said that.

to help better explain this "i changed but my friend didn't and now he won't stop calling me out on my past theory" i've included some artwork. enjoy.