back from injury?

one of the hardest things to do besides not going insane while being injured is returning to running after the injury. why, you ask? it's because you never really know if you're fully healed. how do you know if you're "fully healed," you ask? you go run and see if it hurts.

i've been off running for nine days now since i felt major right knee pain during a recovery run and without training altogether since last wednesday when i had my bike accident. it's been a long week or so to say the least, but i've been doing surprisingly okay mentally. honestly, i truly believe it's because my mind is so caught up thinking about other things nonstop so i haven't really been focusing on it too much.

anyway...meanwhile back at the ranch...i went out today to see if my knee was doing better. oh, and i also had major back, hip, and left knee pain since my bike accident so i had to feel that out, too. it really seemed like my legs were out to get me! i went out for a sloooow one mile run and besides the fact that i was extremely bored...i felt NO pain. trust me...i learned years ago not to get my hopes up, but it's still a good sign!

of course i had to ask the "old wise runner" (aka my dad) what i should do next and he gave me some good advice, so we'll see how it feels tomorrow and i'll take it one step at a time. baby steps, of course.