chill it, don't spill it

coconut water was the new food/drink of the month for march. to be honest...i wasn't too excited at first. i didn't know what to expect, so i was caught assuming it'd be bad. i pictured it to be dirtier than what it was, and taste really bitter.

it was actually quite the opposite. it wasn't clear like water, but pretty darn close. it sorta looked like salt water? i should have known it'd be good by the words "chill it, don't spill it" on the jug. it turned out to be really sweet and it actually reminded me of coconut milk or almond milk...but not as thick.

coconut water: 
-would i recommend it? yes, and i'm actually going to try it as an alternative to sports drinks when running
-easy to prepare? shake it, open it, chug it
-availability? we found it at fresh market
-health benefits? low calorie, sweet, natural, high potassium, and here's a fun fact: one cup of coconut water actually has more electrolytes than most sports drinks