half ironman training -- week 5

here is the breakdown from week 5 of my half ironman training. 

Week 5 // May 20 - May 26

REST (or) Strength Train


Bike 45 minutes w/ 4x3 minute hard efforts scattered


Swim 1200 yards w/ main set: 10x50 sprints RI=20
Run 4.5 miles w/ 6x1 minute hard efforts scattered


Bike 40 minutes moderate w/ 12 minutes comfortably hard


Swim 1200 yards w/ main set:3x200 race pace, RI= 20
Run 5 miles moderate w/ 4x10 second hill sprints


Swim 1800 yards moderate
Run 11 miles moderate



Bike 45 miles moderate
Run 15 minutes off the bike moderate

monday breakdown: what a great way to start a harder week of! most weeks my rest day flips between thursday or friday, but after my training last week i switched it up to help speed recovery and assure that i could get through week 5.

tuesday breakdown: tuesday was a decent workout. honestly, my weekday bike training has been surprisingly good. i completed 14.33 miles in the 45 minute ride. 

wednesday breakdown: my swim went well: 1200 yards in 21:36 and very pleased. my training plan called for a 4.5 mile run, but the route i've been running is 4.2 so i figure that's close enough. 4.2 miles in 34:47...was just happy to have it done and in the books.

thursday breakdown: so thursday i got another flat tire on my back. bad luck, i guess. it looked like a piece of glass, but on the bright side i got to change the flat on my own. my 40 minute ride was cut short to about 32 minutes, but i managed to get a little over 9 miles in. i was a little discouraged with thursday's training. 

friday breakdown: my swim/run days are becoming a little more difficult each week, but friday was good overall. my 1200 yard swim felt decent but took me a little long: 24:12. i was pretty happy with my 5 mile run with a time of 41:20. 

saturday breakdown: i was very nervous about my weekend training since last weekend was so difficult, but saturday's training was great! Emily had to work so i asked her if she'd drop me off at the gym to swim and then i could just run home from there. since she's the best ever she said sure and got up even earlier to help me out. my 1800 yard swim felt great. i fueled/hydrated properly pre and post swim and finished the apx. mile swim in 36:24. i tried out some sports jelly beans between my swim and run and drank plenty of water before heading home. i've also been battling cramping during certain workouts, so i took a salt pack pre-run, too. on our way to the gym i stashed two water bottles on my route. one around mile 4 and one around mile 8. i took two gels around the time i took water and felt great the whole time. the cooler weather was a big help, too. i finished the 11 miler in 1:36:41, so it was a little slower than i hoped but that's the way it goes. 

sunday breakdown: today was tough, both mentally and physically. mentally because the weather forecast sucked. when i went to bed last night it said 70% chance of t-storms early morning, so i didn't set an early alarm and planned on training in the afternoon. i woke up around 6:45 and checked and it switched to only 40% in the morning and then 70% in the afternoon. Emily and i need to leave for church by 10:30, so i already knew i wouldn't have enough time to get my scheduled workout in, but i also knew if i didn't do anything then i wouldn't get much in later. i shoved some breakfast down and chugged some water and took off. i got 30 miles on the bike in 1:39:38 (15 mph crappy wind!) and my 15 minute run off the bike was brutal. it was about 50 degrees out and with the wind my feet went pretty numb. i actually didn't begin to feel them until i got in. i was surprised to see i covered about 1.85 miles in the 15 minutes, but i guess it was good i couldn't feel anything from the waist down. 

week 4 weigh-in:  173.7  on 5/20/13
previous weekly weigh-in:    178.6  
difference:   - 4.9  
total weight difference:   - 13.5*   

*it seems that training for a half ironman distance triathlon can help you drop some pounds...