food of the month

i'm adding a new monthly post to my blog. as the title's going to be about a new food (or drink) every month. emily and i are not picky eaters by any means, but there are still a lot of things we haven't tried.

this month we tried an asian pear. the aesthetics of this thing are pretty sweet. emily especially liked the "packaging" it came in. i really didn't know what it would taste like. actually it was a little surprising. i almost felt like it had a pear + apple + potato combination going on. it was sweet like an apple and/or pear, but had the texture/crunch like a potato. i would definitely eat one again...but it's not something i'd trade my regular pears and apples for.

asian pear: 
-would i recommend it? yes
-easy to prepare? wash it and eat it...pretty simple :)
-availability? we found it at wal-mart (go figure)
-health benefits? low calorie and good healthy fiber!