just a little update

remember the good ol' days when i blogged regularly? turns out i still kinda do. in case you missed the headline on cbs news several months ago, emily and i have a blog over here and i tend to blog there a little more than here these days.

fortunately for you....i'm in the mood to give y'all an update on me and to rant about being an endurance athlete. first, i admittedly find it awkward calling myself an "endurance athlete." mainly because when i think of endurance athletes i think of crazy dudes/dudettes like dean karnazes, craig (crowie) alexander, and chrissie wellington to name a few. although i am quite certain my name will never come up if you were to google "endurance athlete," i'm still technically classified as one. a cool definition i once read of endurance athlete was to have the ability to continue with an unpleasant or difficult situation or activity. in that sense...i know a lot of endurance athletes. how many people do you know that can't stand their day jobs? ;)

i'm exactly thirty days out from my first triathlon. big deal. yeah right! i'm freakin' out. have you heard the horror stories of the infamous swim start (see video below)? it's not like i just conquered a fear of water or anything. like a boss!

so i continue to log the miles...swimming, cycling, and running. the trifecta of funtivity (activities that are fun!). i'm honestly a little bummed i wasn't the first one to use that term. the gnarliest part of logging so many miles and training so hard is just feeling the strength that God is providing me to do the things i want to do and reach the goals i am setting. after finishing so many training sessions i am literally thanking/praising the Lord that i made it through because i am certain it was not by my own strength that i completed it.