marathon training (pregame)

there it is, folks. my marathon training plan i got off of hal higdon's website. i've heard of quite a few runners using a higdon training plan, so i figured what the heck. i'll give it a whirl. something like 1-4% of people have done a the world. that's pretty sweet.

the marathon i'm doing (as of right now) is the christie clinic illinois marathon. it's april 30th, so in order for me to utilize the 18 week plan 1 will be the day after Christmas. what a good Christmas present to myself, right? i'm actually really pumped. until quite recently...i haven't been running much due to a slight knee injury. i like to blame it on my job...not overuse or over-training (because i never overdo it...nerrrvver!!).

another cool thing about this is that i think i've got emily and my dad roped into running that day, too. i think they're both up for doing the half-marathon. they also have a 5K, 10K, wheelchair half, marathon relay, and even a youth run available. 

but anyway...the point of this whole post. i'm thinking about doing a "marathon training blogular updatish type of post" either daily or weekly. something like that. would that be cool at anyone? it would basically be a way for my readers to be able to follow my journey of training for my first marathon and all that goes along with it. the ups, the downs, aches, pains, nutrition, dieting, all that good stuff! i'm going to just tag them all as 'marathon training' so if you become a fan of just those can hop on my site and easily filter out all of the "other" updates. so, it wouldn't take place of my regular blog (don't worry). it'll be more of a supplemental feature to boost the enjoyment of reading my blog...if you're a fan of running of course. and if you're not...then you'll have the "other" posts to read/enjoy. it sounds like my blog is a bit segregated now, but i think it can be cool.