we call him jasper.

my nephew, Jasper (see above), is a cool dude. you can read (plenty of pictures, too!) a lot about him here at my sister's blog. although she is a nerd...she's made out to be a pretty awesome sister. we won't get into the "cool contest" in this post. just ask my parents...they'll tell you the truth. i have emails to prove who they think is best.

i was looking through all of the pictures Emily took over the holidays and came across a few pictures of me and Jasper playing with a new toy he got Christmas morning. it made me realize how much i love that little guy and just how awesome he is/is going to be as he gets older. i CANNOT wait until he grows up more and we can scheme together and really begin the "freak out your parents" phase and the "holy crap, uncle tony is off the hook" phase. yes, he will speak that way...because i will teach him!