number one with a bullet

so, check it. i'm a music snob, okay? okay. now that we've got that cleared up and there is no argument from my side...we can move on. hopefully my snobitude won't offend anyone too much in this post.

recently, while hanging out with emily and my best friend, brett, i told them i had a list of my top five most disliked songs of all time. this came up when one of the songs off my list came on at a restaurant we were at. i said, "oh, man...this is one song that tops my list of songs i cannot stand!" they couldn't believe it. for a couple reasons. one, both of them didn't mind the song. two, who really has a list of songs they don't like...or lists in general? me. making lists is where it's at.

my top five songs (not artists, just their songs) i cannot stand, will not ever like, and wish i would never hear again (from least to most dislike):

5. saturday nights alright for fighting by elton john // i can't stand this song simply because the ending and how he repeats/yells "saturday" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again...and then a few more times
4. i love rock and roll by joan jett and the blackhearts // to be honest...guitar hero wrecked this one for me.
3. sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynrd // although i've never been to is not my sweet home. and unfortunately i don't have a specific reason to disliking this song.
2. with arms wide open by creed // i know i said i didn't necessarily dislike the artist of the songs...but seriously, anything by creed is a no go for me.
1. american pie by don mclean // i always feel kind of guilty about this one simply because of the "musical history" he wrote about...but it's still nine minutes too long. and the fact that websites like this exist is just insane.

i know it's obnoxious to make this list, but i had to put it out there. you may love one of these songs, maybe all of them, and that's okay (sort of) if you do. everyone is entitled to their own opinion of what they like/dislike. i'm just the one with the blog that spends the time to do stuff like this. but feel free to leave a comment if you feel the need.

i was really hoping to be able to come up with my top 5 favorite songs of all time, but quickly realized that would actually make me more insane trying to come up with just five. i'd almost prefer to listen to one of these songs above...not really though.