three* things you gotta do to rock at life

that's correct...there are only three things. no more, no less. now you're glad you read my blog aren't you?

before i list off the three things you gotta do to rock at should know a little background to how i came up with writing this post. well, i've had a little time free up for the next few weeks because i found out last friday that i was getting laid off. fortunately, i'm going to be back to work on the fourth of january, so it's not really life or death. it did come as a shock and i was a bit upset at first, but i understand/am trying to understand that some things in life just don't make sense. like when people say "i could care less" when they really mean to say, "i couldn't care less." doesn't make sense to me...but that's for another post.

the three* things you gotta do to rock at this order:

1. be productive hopefully everyone knows what it feels like to be productive. the feeling you get when you realize you are getting SO much done throughout the day...that it almost feels like it should be tomorrow. that's what i'm talking about.
2. find/give love so, finding love is sometimes hard. some would argue that it could be impossible. well i disagree. although i'm not sure if "there is someone out there for everyone," i'm pretty sure i think that everyone is capable of giving love. and as far as finding love...well, you never really have to go too far if you think about it.
3. exercise i know, i know. exercise sucks. but does it really? most people who know me/used to know me definitely would say i was never much for exercising. in fact...i probably would've done just about anything to get out of exercising. nowadays...i love it! you've heard this from me before (probably), when we exercise...chemicals are released in our bodies that make us feel good. you can't beat that. i're human, right? because most humans i know continue to do things that make them feel good. we're creatures of habit.

good luck rocking at life!

*most likely there are a few more than just three, but today...when i'm feeling productive, ran 4 miles outside in 10 degree weather, and miss my wife really feels like three pretty much covers it.