marathon training (week one)

game on! week one is done. only seventeen more to go!

my weeks start on mondays and end with a long run on sundays. week one was not really the way i wanted my training to start. somehow i got sick over Christmas weekend. it was almost like the flu, but it only lasted a couple days. needless to was freakin' awful training with all that happening! during one of my runs (no pun intended) i actually threw up. luckily i wasn't around too many houses, so i'm pretty sure no one saw. can you imagine if you saw a runner throw up midrun? honestly...i kind of felt hardcore. well, not at the time. at the time i was thinking, "what am i doing out here!?! why is this so important!?! what did i eat that looks like that!?!" and then i finished and learned the at least the first two questions i was contemplating.

my legs feel good. most importantly...i don't feel any knee pain most of the day, so that's a really good sign. late sunday afternoon after the six miler i felt a little achiness in both knees, but it seemed to fade out by later in the evening. it feels SO good to get back into running. being off because of an injury is honestly really hard for me. it makes me feel lazy and stressed. i know it's silly...but at the same time, i know other runners totally understand this feeling.

in case anyone is interested in my times for each of my runs...i'll be timing all of my runs once i get into week three. the first couple of weeks i really want to focus on getting back into the 'training mindset' and not focus solely on time. you i'll be doing the last fifteen weeks of training.

one thing i learned this week in regards to running: i'm still not a fan of listening to music while running...but i do love listening to some blues or jazz before i head out.

week one numbers:

starting weight: 181.3

monday - rest (what better way to kick off training, right?)
tuesday - 3 miler comfortable pace* (cp)
wednesday - 3 miler marathon pace** (mp)
thursday - 3 miler (cp)
friday - cross training (30 minutes of strength training and 5 miles on stationary bike with level 10 resistance)
saturday - rest (happy new year)
sunday - 6 mile long run*** (cp)
total mileage for the week: 15 miles

ending weight: 177.4

total weight loss/gain: -3.9

*comfortable pace = somewhere between 8:00 - 8:45 miles
**marathon pace = my goal is sub 4:00:00, so i'm shooting for right around 9:00 miles
***long runs = just finish :)