marathon training (week seven)

this week i went on a "business trip" tuesday through thursday. it was the first work trip i've ever gone on. it was an experience. to fill you all in, because this has everything to do with running, i'm up for a promotion at work.

i work at trugreen as a lawn specialist (the dude who treats lawns), but a while back i was approached by a supervisor asking me if i'd be interested in moving up in the company. so, here i am now going for service manager (the person who runs production and manages all of the specialists) and it involved some extensive training that happened to be this week. the hotel i stayed at was in a very industrial/stop light-y area, so it was almost impossible to get a good run/route in. so guess what? i was forced to use their fitness center (which was very nice) and ended up running on a treadmill. ironic right? the week after the blizzard and me complaining about using a treadmill...i'm stuck using a treadmill again. and this involved a six miler.

my long run today was twelve miles. twelves miles of suck. it was hard. i'm talking about the kind of hard workout when you want to give up, but deep down you know it'll hurt worse to give up than just keep going. it took everything i had plus an adrenaline boost from a bad driver that made me mad to finish today. i did it in decent time...but of course i would've liked to finish quicker. go figure!

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: running is what you make it. duh, right? not really. i just finished reading born to run and i actually ended up learning a lot from it. it was one of those books that i almost didn't want to read because it is SO popular in the running community. then i realized i'm not cool enough to decide when not to follow i caved.

week seven numbers:

starting weight: 179

monday - rest
tuesday - 6 miles / 53:01 (8:51)
wednesday - 3 miles / 24:30 (8:01)
thursday - rest
friday - 3 miles / 25:20 (8:27)
saturday - rest
sunday - 12 miles / 01:52:35 (9:23)

total mileage for the week:  24 miles

ending weight: 175

total weight loss/gain: -4 (thanks to the Hyatt for not offering vegetarian friendly meals)