there's no 'X' in Christmas

Christmas feels different this year. i'm not exactly sure why. most years i have that, "i'm getting old...really wish i was a kid again because Christmas felt so much cooler back then" feeling, but this year...not so much. this year i'm feeling all sentimental, which really isn't abnormal for me, but it's packaged nicely with a feeling of a feeling i can't put into words. confusing, i know! most dudes don't even like to talk about their feelings and here i am talking about the feeling of a feeling. if i figure out how to describe it i'll come back to this thought.

this Christmas season i'm determined to watch every Christmas movie i used to love, or currently love. here's a working list i've come up with so far, in no particular order:

-national lampoon's Christmas vacation
-home alone
-white Christmas
-it's a wonderful life
-a Christmas story
-a charlie brown Christmas
-how the grinch stole Christmas
-frosty the snowman
-rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
-a very brady Christmas...just kidding