half ironman training -- week 6

here is the breakdown from week 6 of my half ironman training. 

Week 6 // May 27 - June 2

Swim 1000 yards w/ main set: 8x50 sprints RI=20
Run 4.5 miles w/ 6x30 second hard efforts scattered


Bike 40 minutes w/ 6x1 minute hard efforts scattered


Swim 1000 yards w/ main set 2x200 race pace, RI = 20
Run 4 miles moderate


Bike 40 minutes moderate w/ 8 minutes comfortably hard


REST (or) Strength Train


Swim 1400 yards moderate
Run 9 miles moderate


Bike 35 miles moderate

monday breakdown: monday went....well, it went. since i had the day off i got to get my training in at my own time. i still ended up getting to the pool pretty early and my swim went well. no crazy fast times, but my form felt really good. it was pouring rain at the gym so i was hoping by the time i got home it'd be done, but it wasn't. i went out and did the 4 miler in the rain. it happens.

tuesday breakdown: tuesday was my first skip day of my training. i've used rest days and struggled to get training in on certain days, but it was pouring rain when i got up and the morning is really the only time i have to get outdoor training done on tuesdays since i get home too late. combine missing training and eating crappy with an overly stressful day and the combination isn't that great. 

wednesday breakdown: i had a pretty decent swim and my form has been feeling better during my workouts lately. my run after went well and i owe most of that to the sunshine which has been missing during most of the past week or so. in the evening i actually decided to go out and pedal the 40 minute ride i skipped tuesday, but about a quarter way into it i got ANOTHER flat tire. i couldn't believe it! that makes 3 in about a month and a half. 

thursday breakdown: due to my flat tire i decided to go out for a 4 miler before work. i realized shortly afterward that i hadn't run on fresh legs for quite sometime due to my swim/run training days. almost all of my runs since i started training have been on "wet" legs (yeah, i thought of that on my own) right out of the water, so running right when i got up felt great. finished my run in about a 7:40 pace so i felt good. oh, plus it was my birthday thursday so i was in a good mood. 

friday breakdown: friday was my actual scheduled rest day and of course i felt lazy...especially since tuesday was a skip day. i wanted to try to find a way to fit in a workout, but knew i needed the rest to prep for the weekend. my parents were overly generous and bought me two new tires for my bike so i ended up getting those on my bike friday night and making sure i was good for my long ride on sunday. 

saturday breakdown: oh how i love the weekend....especially when i don't have to work. i was able to sleep in (7:30!!) and eat a good breakfast with a couple cups of coffee at my own pace. i went to the gym around 9:00 to get my training in and my 1400 yard swim went really well. again, my form has been feeling really on so that helps. i wasn't too excited about running 9 miles after, but i went out anyway. i had a route planned and actually did something i don't normally do. i broke route and ended up running around the town and ran by time. i assumed i'd finish the 9 miles in apx 8:30/mile pace so i decided i'd call it good when i got around 1:16:00 and made it back to the gym at 1:16:50. it's always such a great feeling to have such a good workout in before noon on a saturday!

sunday breakdown: sunday was a little rough. i just wasn't feeling it on the bike and to be completely honest...i was already preoccupied with thinking about next week's training. i was scheduled for 35 miles, but that turned into a fast 20 miler with a 3/4 mile run straight off the bike. it was a decent workout overall. 

weekly weigh-in:   174.9   on 5/27/13
previous weekly weigh-in:    173.7  
difference:   + 1.2   
total weight difference:   - 12.3