messing with a vegetarian

the title was inspired by my sister-in-law Cara. i think i'm going to write a book called Messing With a Vegetarian. if it exists already don't tell me you will crush my dreams. entirely. crush.

it may or may not include ripped off cartoons like these:

in all honesty though...i think it'd be super cool to write a book. i got a really really really complimentary comment on a previous blog post (probably from one of my old teacher's who wants me to succeed in life) and it really gave me a boost of motivation in my writing. clearly this post shows that motivation.

previous book ideas/titles i have had and could potentially (but probably not) write:
-Swimming With No Water (a book about having a fear of water and not knowing why)
-Batman vs. Me (a book about how we should all feel/act like super heroes)
-No, Paul...You Can Call Me Al (a book about my childhood - i think maybe my parents had a paul simon cassette i'd listen to a lot)
-Putting the 'I' in Music (a book about music snobs and how it's only cool if you admit it and are actually a cool person)
-Messing With a Vegetarian (maybe the only book I'd come close to writing at this point - an autobiography that would include more pictures/cartoons than words)