quick apology

to anyone who has left a comment on my blog or will leave a comment on my blog in the future:

i am sorry that i don't reply to all of them. apparently, i am terrible at checking to see if people comment. i was also under the impression that i'd receive an email alert when people commented. my bad, dudes.

i will be better from now on.

p.s. i'm still on that tom petty kick. today my parents called me and asked what i was up to. i told my dad, "just chillin...listening to some tom petty." after he laughed, he said, "i like some of his stuff...but he kinda looks squirrely though don't you think?" and now i see it. thanks, dad! i'm going to ask for the live anthology for Christmas.....and probably the runnin' down a dream dvd set. i still remember the first time i heard the song mary jane's last dance. i was really young, hanging out with sam dalton playing basketball in my driveway late at night. it came on the radio and i remember thinking, "this is good music...i wish i could play the harmonica."