my BEST friend

who is my BEST friend? like, absolute, no doubt about it, who is always there for me, best friend? well, my answer is Jesus. yeah, yeah...whatever...sunday school answer, i know. yet, it's true! how is He not?

besides Him? my wife. she is the most amazing person i have ever met! i'm so confident that she is the most amazing person i'll ever meet that i'd bet my life savings on it! why? because. (yeah, i went there!)

here's why, dude!

-no matter what...she supports me!
-she can ALWAYS make me laugh
-she is so freaking beautiful!
-no matter what she's brilliant! (trust me, i'm not biased)
-she's independent (in a good way)
-she takes initiative...she knows what she wants and she gets it
-her heart for others
-she is constantly thinking of ways to help everyone else. seriously...i think once a day she comes at me with a new idea on how to help someone.
-umm....have you seen her smile!?! uh-may-zing!
-she's 5'5"...that's the world's most perfect human height....i'm not gonna lie...i made that one up
-she is a runner (and soon to be cyclist and swimmer) ;)
-she's a night owl (opposite's attract!)
-she can make a MEAN bowl of chilli...honestly (sorry Mom)...the best i've ever had!
-she loves that not the win-all!?!? what woman puts up with me 24-7!?!?!

there you have it! my best friend: a CRAZY woman! call her crazy, but my wife is the most amazing person on the planet! the end. no seriously...there is no debate.