my BEST friend

who is my BEST friend? like, absolute, no doubt about it, who is always there for me, best friend? well, my answer is Jesus. yeah, yeah...whatever...sunday school answer, i know. yet, it's true! how is He not?

besides Him? my wife. she is the most amazing person i have ever met! i'm so confident that she is the most amazing person i'll ever meet that i'd bet my life savings on it! why? because. (yeah, i went there!)

here's why, dude!

-no matter what...she supports me!
-she can ALWAYS make me laugh
-she is so freaking beautiful!
-no matter what she's brilliant! (trust me, i'm not biased)
-she's independent (in a good way)
-she takes initiative...she knows what she wants and she gets it
-her heart for others
-she is constantly thinking of ways to help everyone else. seriously...i think once a day she comes at me with a new idea on how to help someone.
-umm....have you seen her smile!?! uh-may-zing!
-she's 5'5"...that's the world's most perfect human height....i'm not gonna lie...i made that one up
-she is a runner (and soon to be cyclist and swimmer) ;)
-she's a night owl (opposite's attract!)
-she can make a MEAN bowl of chilli...honestly (sorry Mom)...the best i've ever had!
-she loves that not the win-all!?!? what woman puts up with me 24-7!?!?!

there you have it! my best friend: a CRAZY woman! call her crazy, but my wife is the most amazing person on the planet! the end. no seriously...there is no debate.


  1. Having Jesus as your friend is not just a Sunday School answer, but an answer for life. Without Jesus I do not know where I would be...

  2. Check out my blog

  3. agreed. without Jesus we'd all be lost.

    thanks for the link to your blog. i'll add it to my google reader.

    take care!