you know you're a runner if...

lately i've been seeing a TON of "you know you're a runner if..." statements. honestly...most of them are hilarious. it got me thinking though...there are a LOT of runners out there. i'll say it now and i'll say it again: if you go out and run around the are a runner! it doesn't take race experience, a PR, a medal, running stories, a marathon, a 1/2 marathon, or even running injuries to "make" you a runner. you are a runner if you get out the door on a semi-regular basis and RUN!

sure...some are more obsessive than others. i willingly admit that i am a bit of an obsessive runner. i think about it all the time. i have dreams about running. i follow professional runners online as if they're my friends. my wife would also admit...i may be over the top at times and think about races and running faster way too much, but that doesn't make me more of a runner than someone who goes out once or twice a week and rocks out a few miles. no, doesn't!

you know you're a runner run! just NOT call it jogging!


speaking of running....a few weekends ago emily and i had the awesome opportunity of running in a color run with our good friends matt and claire! it was one of the coolest running experiences i've had yet!
it wasn't for time.
it wasn't to "qualify for boston".
it wasn't to show your skills and how hard you've trained.
it wasn't to medal.
it was to have one of the best times running you'll ever have!
...and that's exactly what we did!







we all got first place and qualified for boston by the way! see you there...