half ironman training -- week 1

here is the breakdown from week 1 of my half ironman training. like i mentioned before, i have to switch some days around due to my work and/or life schedule.

Week 1 // April 22-28

Bike 40 minutes w/ 8x30 second sprints scattered


Swim 900 yards w/ main set:12x25, RI = 20
Run 4 miles moderate w/ 6x10   second hill sprints


Swim 900 yards w/ main set: 3x200 race pace, RI = 15
Run 4.5 miles moderate

REST (or) Strength Train


Bike 40 minutes moderate w/ 8 minutes comfortably hard

Swim 1200 yards moderate
Run 8 miles moderate

Bike 30 miles moderate

monday breakdown: i completed tuesday's workout due to my work schedule. the 56 mile bike portion of the tri is honestly probably my biggest concern at this point. i've never pedaled over 30 miles, so my mental endurance has a long way to go during my training. i felt okay throughout most of the ride with a minor battle with the wind during some parts, but completed the 40 minutes. my legs definitely felt heavy after. scattered sprints are something i've never done before, too. now i know why. :)

tuesday breakdown: since i haven't quite worked out the swim details of my training i went ahead and did the run workout from wednesday. i have a good 4.15 mile route with some hills so i was able to add in the 2 x 10 second hill sprints which were in fact brutal. still finished in 33:39 holding about an 8:00/mile pace. i did this workout in the morning before work which is always a great way to start the day. my body felt okay with the obvious fatigue post-workout. i hope to get my swim workouts nailed down by next week so i'll have a place to swim. fingers are crossed!

wednesday breakdown: i skipped the swim workout and knocked out friday's scheduled workout. i had a pretty good run (4.15 miles) in the sunshine with some decent wind finishing in 32:21. my calves were definitely feeling it from the 7:47/mile pace, but all in all it was a good day of training.

thursday breakdown: this was the best day of the week so far: rest day. honestly, i tried to fit in a swim session in the morning, but it just didn't fit into my work schedule. it was nice to take it easy....especially before a hard weekend of training.

friday breakdown: wind. wind. wind. almost 20 minutes of my ride was straight into the wind so that was very defeating. it made it a TON better when i hit my turn home and started cruising with the tail wind. friday's 40 minute ride was much better than monday's. i was also more hydrated and fueled better.

saturday breakdown: no swim (boo), but i'm starting swim sessions in week 2 (yay!). there is a lake in a nearby town that's pretty close to where my parents live and it just so happens the outer loop is close to 8 miles. i asked my dad if he was up for running it with me a couple days before saturday and like the awesome father he is said, "sure." he was worried he'd slow me down, but he held an awesome pace and we finished 8 miles in 1:08:33 and almost had to fight off a German Shepherd. almost.

sunday breakdown: the farthest i've ever pedaled is about 26 miles. the bike leg is easily the part of the tri i'm most nervous about and i know it's because of my lack of experience "in the saddle" as the cycle-heads would say. i'm well aware that some days will just be "off" when it comes to training for a race. today's workout was awful. like i said, i was already nervous about pumping out thirty miles for the first time, but mentally i was actually in it. unfortunately around mile 7 or 8 my seat shifted and i found myself sitting too far back. it was uncomfortable, and of course i didn't have tools, so i just kept going. i took a quick 3 minute pit stop at the half way point, ate a few Clif Shot Bloks (thanks for the recommendation Josh!), and drank some water. i was feeling great and finally hit a groove and then it happened: flat tire just passed mile 21. i was devastated. i knew at that point i was going to finish feeling great and of course i didn't have a spare. i had to call Emily, wait in the cold, and come home early. oh well though...i finally got over it (only took 5 hours!) and now i'm ready for week 2!

week 1 weigh-in: 187.2  on 4/22/13
previous weekly weigh-in:    N/A 
difference:   N/A  

Week 2 // April 29-May 5

Swim 800 yards w/ main set:3x100 race pace, RI =15
Run 4 miles moderate


Bike 40 minutes w/ 6x30 second sprints scattered


Swim 800 yards w/ main set: 8x25, RI = 20
Run 4 miles moderate w/ 4x10 second hill sprints

Bike 40 minutes moderate w/ 5 minutes comfortably hard


REST (or) Strength Train

Swim 1000 yards moderate
Run 7 miles moderate

Bike 25 miles moderate