pops and hisses included

one of the best sounds in the world (to me) is the sound of the pops and hisses coming from a record player. what i like even more than that is the sound in between tracks on an album. it does something to me. takes me back? back to where? i don't know. i think it takes me to a feeling, not a place. the feeling of music can be an experience to say the least. i think every time i hear that specific sound it reminds me of music and all it has to offer. what all it has done and what all it's doing.

for Christmas i got a record player. this past weekend while emily and i were up north watching her aunt and uncle's dogs and cat we went to a couple places for me to really get my record collection going. i think emily is a bit nervous though now seeing A.) how long i can spend in a record store, and B.) how much i'm probably going to spend on my collection.