marathon training (week ten)

running...i feel like i talk/think about it too much. i've started to realize this from facebook. i have a couple of 'friends' on fb that only update their status about one thing. it's usually some hobby or something that they specifically care about. sometimes i feel like i might be like that. i definitely don't want to turn people away because i talk about a hobby too much. is it an addiction? yes. i'll admit it. i am addicted to running. since i admitted it though no one can give me grief, right?

this week wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. let me rephrase that...this week was tough, but my times were really good (for me). i actually felt like i got stronger this week. i realized that my breathing was great during all of my runs and my legs aren't doing too bad either.

then the fifteen miler rolled around...what. the. cuss!? i'll just say was predictable. it was what you'd picture running for fifteen miles being like. then add in eighteen mile per hour winds from the north, ginormous snow flakes, and dehydration and there you go!

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: talking to a fellow runner is about the best motivation you can get. a corporate guy was at our branch today (03/01/11) to talk agronomics with us for the upcoming season and i found out a while ago he's a runner. naturally, i felt compelled to bring it up to build a little rapport with him. turns out, he's done around five marathons. chicago, nyc, one in seattle, and even the infamous boston! say whaa!? was awesome to talk with him about my training and getting all of the advice/tips from him. he really pumped me up and gave me the whole "i think i can really do this" type of feeling...which is always nice!

week ten numbers:

starting weight: 180

monday - rest
tuesday - 3 miles / 21:47 (7:16)
wednesday - 4 miles / 32:49 (8:13)
thursday - 7 miles / 56:16 (8:03)
friday - rest
saturday - 15 miles / 02:26:25 (9:46)
sunday - rest!!
total mileage for the week:  29 miles

ending weight: 178

total weight loss/gain: -2


  1. Of course you can do this, Tony! Was there ever any doubt? Not from me. :)