marathon training (week eleven)

wow...what a week. it was my first official week as service manager and it was a doozy. when i was just a lawn tech last year i rarely ever worked over forty hours. going into the winter, being inside doing shop work, i was stuck working forty hours...and i thought that was bad. turns out, being a manager you work more hours. who would've thought?

here's how it affected my running this week: i didn't run once. (WHAATTT!?!) i know...i'm thinking the same thing. i know taking some "time off" now and then is a good thing, but not when you're more than halfway into marathon training. i had a big week planned this week. over thirty freakin' miles, man! needless to say, i'm bummin this week to an eleven (ironic that it's week eleven in training, huh?)

on a more downer note, it was is really hard for me to not feel lazy about not running or going to the gym. it didn't help that this week i got completely off track with my diet and ate like total trash. it was what some would call a perfect storm. good thing is...storms pass and then comes the super rad sunshine after. yikes, that was pretty cheeseball writing. sorry about that.

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: i am not a machine. i need rest and cannot push myself harder and harder each week. my body literally shut down on me this week forcing me to realize that resting and rejuving (think i made that word up) are nothing but good things.

week eleven numbers:

starting weight: 178

monday - rest
tuesday - rest
wednesday - rest
thursday - rest
friday - rest
saturday - rest
sunday - rest
total mileage for the week:  00 miles

ending weight: 181

total weight loss/gain: +3

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