it's turned into a four letter word for me. stress. it stresses me out just saying it...even hearing someone else say it. why do we stress? because we think we can control every situation? or maybe because we know we can't control every situation, but think that somehow we can defy all odds and start controlling situations that are out of our control. the latter? i'm thinking so, too.

a few nights ago it all caught up to me. realizing what all i had on my plate. then, this is the best part, i stressed myself out even more by thinking that i actually shouldn't be stressed because there are tons of people out there who have it way worse than me. they have much bigger plates with a lot more on it, and not in a good way where it's all really good food or sugary desserts or something like that. ultimately, life is good.

i have a more-than-amazing relationship with my wife.
i have great family.
i have really good friends who care about me.
i worship a loving/forgiving God.
i have freedom in the country i live.
i have the food i prefer to eat.
i have clean water.
i have warmth when i'm cold (unless i'm driving in my car).
i have cold when i'm hot.
i have medicine when i'm sick.
i have a shower when i'm dirty.
i have a "good" job.
i have a lot.
too much actually.

and this, my friends......stresses me out.

welcome to bummersville, illinois. <--- that was stupid.

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