marathon training (week eight)

this week was stressful. did you happen to catch my earlier post this week about stress? i did my best to handle it and try to deal, but's really starting to wear me down. it didn't help that i got a wicked chest virus thing that caused me to have the worst cough ever and a really bad sore throat. the good part is...a new week/day is beginning and i'm feeling good about it.

i've made some changes in the past couple years and one of the changes i'm most proud of is being more optimistic. it truly does have an affect on your everyday life. seriously, it does. there have been studies done. just ask emily (i should make a t-shirt with that saying on it). luck and coincidence and karma and all that other crap pessimistic people try to blame it on has nothing to do with it. optimism wins.

so how does this all tie into running you ask? great question, my friend. when you're working toward something, wanting some change in your life, or simply trying to adjust your perspective...your attitude (ie being optimistic) is everything! our minds are a crazy thing...and the best part is, is that we do actually have control over it.

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: stress is fuel for faster times. in my opinion, it's really important for people to have ways to relieve stress. for example...playing guitar or listening to some really good music is a big stress reliever for me. lately, reading has helped, too. in some cases, like today (2/15/11), running was the best way to relieve stress. my day sucked, so i took it out on the road. (that sounds like it could be in a running commercial or something, right? no?)

one extra thing i learned about running because i love learning: there are some people in this world that do not give a crap about what you do...but that does not matter. keep doing what you believe in! no matter what anyone says/thinks/does.

week eight numbers:

starting weight: 175

monday - rest / 30 minutes strength training
tuesday - 3 miles / 23:35 (7:52)
wednesday - 6 miles / 50:59 (8:30) / 30 minutes strength training
thursday - 3 miles / 20:15 (6:45) fastest 5k yet. i feel like a baller.
friday - rest
saturday - 13 miles / 01:58:13 (9:06)
sunday - REST!

total mileage for the week:  25 miles

ending weight: 178

total weight loss/gain: +3

                      just a funny commercial. enjoy!

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  1. I still can't believe you ran that fast on Thursday. You always run hard, stay strong, and think big!