half ironman training -- week 4

here is the breakdown from week 4 of my half ironman training. 

Week 4 // May 13 - May 19

Swim 1100 yards w/ main set: 8x50 RI=20
Run 4.5 miles w/ 6x45 second hard effort scattered


Bike 45 minutes w/ 6x2 minute hard effort


Swim 1100 yards w/ main set:3x200 race pace, RI=30
Run 4.5 miles moderate w/ 4x10 second hill sprints


Bike 40 minutes moderate w/ 10 minutes comfortably hard


REST (or) Strength Train


Swim 1600 yards includes 1000 yard time trial
Run 10 miles moderate


Bike 40 miles moderate

monday breakdown: monday was okay. i was really feeling the previous weekend's training, so i had heavy legs going into my swim. 1100 yards in 20:50 and my form felt decent. my 4.2 mile run after went fine. i didn't feel like i pushed it too hard, but at the same time didn't take it too easy. finished in 34:55.

tuesday breakdown: basic bike day. legs felt decent and i had great riding weather...with the obvious wind that seems to NEVER go away. held an average 18.5 mph pace. 

wednesday breakdown: my first swim session went pretty good. i completed the 1100 yards in 20:50 and went onto my run and finished the 4.2 miles in 34:15. later on i was able to get a second swim session in and stubbornly swam the race distance (1.2 miles!) in 37:41! made my day. 

thursday breakdown: thursday was a good day on the bike. i averaged a little over 19 mph for about 45 minutes. 

friday breakdown: REST DAY! 

saturday breakdown: i unfortunately had to work most of saturday, but was able to go straight to the gym to get my swim session in after. i finished the 1600 yards in 30:14 and felt really great. then i ran home from the gym and all hell broke loose. it was a 10 miler and it was about 87 degrees. nothing too terrible, but i got pretty dehydrated and actually had to make an unexpected pit stop at a local food market to get a bottle of water. i was so incredibly thankful to get this workout done! finished the run in 1:36:17. 

sunday breakdown: i wasn't able to get up early enough to get my long 40 mile ride in before church, so it was put on the back burner until later in the day. mistake. i planned on pedalling mostly east and a little south to my parents house and have them drive me back home. the wind ended up being way too much, so i had to regroup and ended up going about 20 miles there and then turning around and heading home. it was honestly a really hard ride because of the wind, but it felt really great to finish a 40 mile ride! done in 2:30:17...not terribly impressive, but VERY thankful for a finishing time!

week 3 weigh-in:  178.6  on 5/13/13
previous weekly weigh-in:    180.1  
difference:   - 1.5  
total weight difference:   - 8.6   

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