hey, look...i'm a fish

i've done some growing this week. i've really been challenging myself to become a swimmer. by that i mean i want to be able to beat michael phelps and his seventy-nine inch wingspan. although it's leading to frustration and swallowing gallons of pool water...i'm sticking to it and determined! i've actually been to the pool three times this week. THREE! oh, and i'll be going tomorrow morning for my swim lessons with the local triathlon club. who am i becoming? (a speedy swimmer is the correct answer there)

tomorrow is going to be a good day. i'm going to get a nice brick workout in before 10:00 or so and then have my first ever (thanks to my wife) one hour sports massage. honestly...i think that might hurt worse than my workouts. we'll see...

oh...and i have a confession. here's the real reason i want to get comfortable in water:

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