forever & always

today is emily's 26th birthday. at this point in time i don't think she'll be upset with me for making her age known. i mean, come on...she looks hot these days and i'm pretty confident in saying she always will.

emily and i have been married over four years now and it's been amazing. she's my best friend in the world and i literally want to be with her every second of my life. for all the readers who don't know, emily and i actually met in jr. high when our youth groups hung out. i actually remember the first time i asked my best friend at the time, kyle, who that pretty girl was. he said, "dude, that's emily. why do you like her?" and i did. we were able to hang out off and on a couple times back then in groups, but it wasn't until college years when we actually started dating seriously. so december 28th in 2004 i remember asking emily, " wanna be my girlfriend?"

i remember times of talking on the phone with her for three hours and hanging up and it felt like three minutes.

i remember going to the mall when we were first dating and sitting on a bench to watch people and holding hands.

i remember going to play mini-golf and her kicking my butt...and i was actually trying!

i remember staying up so late before i'd have to make a long drive home watching ridiculous music videos on the television.

i remember our first kiss outside my sister's apartment and what she was wearing.

i remember our wedding day and seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. yes, i cried.

i remember being upset with her after she fell on the ice right after i told her to be careful.

i remember proposing to her when we were carving pumpkins being SO nervous!

i remember cruising around town listening to music and taking random photo's of things.

i remember going to shows and walking in Chicago.

i remember yesterday when she randomly said, "tony...i love you. i love talking to you." and how it meant to much to me.

i remember today how much i love emily lynn gould and love growing old with her!


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  1. This one deserves a comment. That's my little girl you are talking about, and I agree with every word. She is awesome, but I also think she is the lucky one. We couldn't ask for a better son-in-law!