free april

emily had an AWESOME idea for the month of april. first off...let me tell you all a little bit about my wife, emily. she's great at thinking of awesome ideas. as much as dudes might want to get inside the brain of a woman....after being married to emily almost four years....i do not. don't get me wrong....i'm sure her brain is very awesome, but all of the thinking she does...whew! you know what they say about people who think all of the time, right? they freakin' rock! it's true's those kinds of people who are changing this world! and i'm convinced she will...

so anyway let's get back on track. emily's idea was that during the entire month of april...we pay for nothing! now, i know you're thinking that that is impossible. well it is. we're still going to have to buy things like food, gas, and pay a couple bills here and there...but we're not going to spend money on anything else. we're talking mostly our "fun/entertainment/stay sane/probably shouldn't have bought that" category of spending here.

at first i was a little hesitant. Q: why? A: because i like to go out to eat on the weekends. i like to go buy a pair of pants if i want. i like to swing into the gas station after i fuel up and get a thirty-two ounce diet coke for seventy-five cents! you know...things like that are very very very important to me. luckily sarcasm is free, right?

that's it. we're going to find nothing but FREE things to do for fun. she already has a list going which includes things like going to see a movie at nine o'clock on a saturday morning where it will mostly consist of families with young children...and us. one night we might be able to go to a possibly sketchy winery for a free wine tasting (i'll let you know). just yesterday she went to the store to get me almondmilk (which i needed) and she somehow made it out of there with a free bag of sunchips. this is my wife...she is brilliant!

throughout this month i'll be posting about all of the free awesomeness we decide to venture into so get ready! also...if you have any suggestions of some free fun things to do in the peoria/bloomington-normal area please feel free to shoot them my way.

i know the drawing is terrible terribly awesome, but this is what i first though of when she told me about the 'free apil' idea. see what goes on in my head? she has all of these awesome ideas and this is what i took from it..."we HAVE to set april free!!"

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