marathon training (week thirteen)

with almost thirty days left until the marathon i really thought my training would be a lot different than how it's been going the past few weeks. to be completely's been hell. i almost can't put it into words how frustrated i am with myself over this. i know some people will find it ridiculous that i'm so hard on myself...and some days i'd agree, but those days are rare.

let me fill you in on what's been going on (in a nutshell). my training was going great and right on track and then three weeks ago i landed a sweet promotion that i had been waiting for for almost four months. then, the stress of this new job got the best of me. i used to be able to run apx. thirty miles a week in the middle of summer after working a nine hour day as a lawn tech (fyi - lawn tech work involves walking around eight-ten miles a day treating lawns). so i know i can push my body physically. up until a few weeks ago that's all i had to do. now, i have all of this mental stress (added on to my "normal" mental stress) and it's been really tough to get into a new routine. i've blown my diet, missed major runs, haven't seen the gym in weeks, and to top it off i tend to dwell on these things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. and then some more.

i'm really determined to get back on track and figure out a routine, so tonight i'll do what i should've done a long time ago. i'm getting out the notebook and pen and doing some writing. i'm cancelling the pity party where i'm the only one invited and the party is so lame that i don't even show up and i'm gonna start doing life. life is way too awesome and short to be so worried about these little things. i know how to do all of this stuff and i know how to do it well, so i'm going back to where i started: way off track but determined and motivated and willing to do whatever it takes to reach my goal!

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: life is hard for everyone. my life is probably not as hard as yours so why am i complaining? but if i find out my life is in fact harder than yours and you're complaining...i'm calling you out.

week thirteen numbers:

starting weight: 185

monday - 9 miles / 01:20:17 (8:56)
tuesday - 4 miles / 34:00 (8:30)
wednesday - rest
thursday - rest
friday - rest
saturday - rest
sunday - rest

total mileage for the week:  13 miles

ending weight: 188

total weight loss/gain: +3

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