marathon training (week six)

me: man, this week is going to be a good training week. less miles = not as hard.
blizzard: oh, dummie. nothing comes easy...and this i will show you.
me: i like snow. after is illinois and snow tends to happen here. whatevs, blizzard.
blizzard: seriously...i am a blizzard and your breathable running clothes are no match.

that's basically how it went this week. the freakin' blizzard kept forced me to stay inside and run on the dreadmill. yeah...the "DREADMILL!" now, i can handle a two or three mile easy run on a treadmill, but if i have to do anything over three...i get a little angry. ok..a lot angry. (thank you emily for sneaking around paparazzi style and snagging gracious photos of me to post on my blog.)

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: it snows in illinois, people. running in it is a blast. most times. unless it's life-threatening...

week six numbers:

starting weight: 180

monday - rest / stretching
tuesday - 3 miles / 25:54 (8:38) too icy out to be "safe," completed on the dreadmill
wednesday - 5 miles / 45:44 (9:09) too drifty and unsafe, completed on the stupid dreadmill!
thursday - 3 miles / 24:24 (8:08) guess where? yep.
friday - rest
saturday - 7 miles / 01:02:11 (8:53) outside!!
sunday - rest
total mileage for the week:  18 miles

ending weight: 179

total weight loss/gain: -1

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