marathon training (week two)

today (1/07/11) was one of those days where i feel like i'm not a real runner. you know...a "runner," runner. it's easy to come out with it now. i'm hard on myself. a little too hard. not like...i hate myself, but i'm pretty much a jerk sometimes to myself. simply put. i don't see myself as a runner that's for sure. i still see myself as..well..i won't say "heavy," but i don't see myself thin either. it's a struggle i have. i won't lie's been one of the hardest things i've dealt with since i've lost the weight. gaining a new self image and self confidence to go along with it was harder than i could ever imagine. emily will attest to this...i've said it before, "if i would've known it'd be this hard...i would've never lost the weight to begin with!" obviously, i don't really think that...but some days it feels that way.

running 20 miles a week automatically makes you stick thin, right? wrong.
working out 3-4 times a week automatically makes you get ripped, right? wrong.
counting calories until your friends and family poke fun of you makes you thin, right? wrong.
reading health magazines/articles makes you healthy, right? wrong.

realizing that some days suck and you mess up and overeat, but knowing tomorrow you can move on and be the healthy, fit dude you truly are makes you thin, right? you're on the right track.

today (1/09/11) i did my 7 mile long run. i made it out right around 7am with a temperature of 3 degrees, but no wind. was one of the most miserable runs i have ever experienced. i'm the type of runner that normally gets into the "groove" about a mile into a run. well, today, it never happened. what did happen, you ask? my legs were cramping, i couldn't get warm, my left contact was really aggravating my eye, i had to pee, the crown of the road was messing with my right shin, my gloves felt too tight, the wind picked up each mile, and not to give out too much information (if i preface a sentence with that it probably means i'm going to give out too much information), but my "dude parts" were frozen. with all that said, running today absolutely sucked. it was the type of run when you finally finish you say, "what the crap am i doing this for? seriously...that was miserable!" now as i sit here in a nice warm house after a warm shower wearing warm clothes and warm slippers eating three bananas...i'm shivering cold! isn't running a total smash!?

something that is a little stressful and has me a bit worried is the "minor discomfort" (that's runner-talk for pain, but being too stubborn to admit it) in my right shin. i'm praying it was just from the crown of the road or even that the shoes i'm in have about 310 miles on them. they normally last about 350 give or take a few.

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: no matter what i say/do/think/feel/hear....i LOVE running!  

week two numbers:

starting weight: 177.4
monday - cross training (30 minutes of strength training)
tuesday - 3 miler*
wednesday - 3 miler**
thursday - 3 miler (too fast)
friday - rest! and rest!
saturday - cross training (30 minutes of strength training)
sunday - 7 mile long run***

total mileage for the week: 16 miles

ending weight: 180 (lame)

total weight loss/gain: +2.6

*comfortable pace = somewhere between 8:00 - 8:45 miles
**marathon pace = my goal is sub 4:00:00, so i'm shooting for right around 9:00 miles
***long runs = just finish :)

enjoy this. if it ever seems as if i am this guy...please, please let me know. just not while i'm running. :)


  1. Love the video! You ran that far on purpose? I'm going to get my coffee, then I'm going to talk to everyone in the break room about what an idiot you are! :D

    You're doing a great a job!

  2. Tony. I am doing the Liverpool marathon on 9 Oct and hope to do a sub 4hr Marathon. I done a 6 miler this morning in 56.19. My legs have started getting stiff this evening. i have started running in a new pair of Nike air pegasus, so i will see how i get on.

  3. That is pretty funny. You should watch the video on my FB page and give yourself a gold star! Be nice to yourself :)

  4. PS Everyone thinks you look great!

  5. OK, I'll make it easy:

  6. thanks everyone!

    paul - good luck on your marathon in october. sounds like you'll be able to bust 4:00:00! let me know how it goes.