marathon training (week five)

i'm feeling tired this week. like...physically, emotionally, metaphysically, and super-megaphysically. it might have something to do with the fact that i get an average of 5.4 hours of sleep per night, or it could have something to do with the fact that i'm training for a marathon. either way...i'm exhausted. but guess what? i'm not stopping! (hoots and hollers in the background) i've also been reading anything i can find on scott jurek and finishing up the book born to run to use for motivation/inspiration.

i switched up my diet a week or so ago. i'll be was a good move (so far). i've always read/heard about athletes doing a five to six micromeal a day diet, but i never really got interested in it. that is, until i realized what that meant. i could literally eat every couple hours with no guilt. if planned right (which we all know i'm a planner) it can work out awesome...and it has so far (except for the days where i accidentally don't eat enough and then eat too much to get "caught back up").

another thing...did you know i'm into music? well, i'm not really...but i did just stumble across a cool band called My Dad Vs. Yours. along with a funny name (of course, my dad would win!)...they are really talented band. i'd say it's for fans of Explosions In The Sky or Unwed Sailor type bands. you know...bands that are so cool they don't need a singer?

my gym workouts have been going really good, too. i was able to go twice this week (which is my goal), but some weeks are harder than others. i've been gaining some muscle, so at least i know i'm doing something right, right? right. it sucks to see the number on the scale move up though...but that's a totally different story.

one thing i learned/re-learned this week in regards to running: there are days when you really don't want to run...and you don't really even need to run, but you do anyway. and then? you feel freakin' GREAT! then a couple days later you forget all about this phenomenon until you run when you don't feel like it and you're reminded of how awesome it feels!

week five numbers:

starting weight: 178.4

monday - rest
tuesday - 3 miles / 25:43 (8:35) 30 minutes of strength training
wednesday - 5 miles / 44:21 (8:53)
thursday - 3 miles / 26:00 (8.40) 30 minutes of strength training
friday - rest! (resting with an exclamation point is the best)
saturday - 10 miles / 01:32:51 (9:18)
sunday - rest and praising the Lord!

total mileage for the week: 21 miles

ending weight: 180

total weight loss/gain: +1.6

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