so long 2010...bring it on, 2011

dude...can you believe 2010 is almost history? in some ways it feels like 2010 started yesterday. in most other ways though, it feels as if 2010 has been going on for well over a year. obviously impossible so that's good it's just in my head.

my favorite thing about ringing in a new year? setting new goals.

my least favorite thing about ringing in a new year? remembering to write 2011, not 2010, on checks and other forms/documents.

most interesting thing that happened to me in 2010? emily and i made a big move away from amazing friends and a nice town/area/routine...into unfamiliar territory and new things all around.

least interesting thing that happened to me in 2010? i only got my hair cut five times.

one thing i'm looking forward to the most in 2011? running the marathon in april.

one thing i'm dreading already in 2011? running the marathon in april. (see what i did there?)

one thing is for certain...2011 is going to rock. i hope it rocks for you as well. i know a ton of people have a New Year's resolution. i am way too cool for that though...ok, not really...i have one, or two. possibly three:

     1. emily and i have a "couples resolution" and it's basically to start living the lives we want to live. no matter what. we're going to stop making these lame excuses of why we're not doing what we want to be doing!

     2. my second resolution is to start eating real food. it's very simple...i'm going to eat real food. like...really 'real' food. we (meaning, myself and most people i know) live in a place where food is way too accessible/processed and people (including me) take advantage of it. in 2011...i won't!

     3. lastly, i'm making it a resolution to achieve my goals from my "goals for 2011" list (which i'll be blogging about soon). i almost feel like i'm tricking my mind on this one, by making this a New Year's's almost like i'm setting almost twenty more resolutions. 

jokes aside...i really hope you have an amazing 2011, set some awesome goals, and achieve them! you can do it. and besides...if you don't....who cares!? you still went for it!!


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