remember when tv was cool?

i was on good ole facebook this morning and saw that people are changing their profile pictures to a cartoon character from their childhood. i chose darkwing can check it out here. i think it's for child abuse awareness? i actually think april is national child abuse awareness month, but i could be wrong. i'm not trying to be a snot, i was just confused. either was really fun to find websites about old tv shows i used to watch as a kid. took me waaaaaaay back.

i came across this awesome website called retro junk. you can search movies, shows, commercials, even people from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. seeing all of the stuff on there from my childhood was insane. i'm fortunate enough to have amazing childhood memories. the ones that when you think literally makes you wish you were a kid again. then i think about what it'll be like when i'm 40..and then 50...and then 60...and then..well, i think that's far enough into the future for now.

some of my favorites were cartoons like, darkwing duck, tale spin, chip n dale rescue rangers, duck tales, teenage mutant ninja turtles, bobby's world, inspector gadget was pretty much the man, too. oh, and of course ghostbusters. i'm pretty sure i could keep going for quite sometime with this.

probably one of my favorite shows growing up was CHiPs. i remember my best friend back in the day would come over in the morning before school for breakfast (most times we'd devour a dozen blueberry muffins) and we'd watch that show. of course macgyver was top on the list, too. and who can ever forget full house?

it's completely crazy how watching something or hearing about something from your childhood can just ignite all of the memories and flood your brain. i love the feeling i get from watching all of these intro's to shows i used to watch. for some of them i can literally remember a particular time of watching the show. a saturday morning...after school...late at night...and even where i was sitting in our living room and how my mom had the room set up (she rearranges the living room a lot.) it's a little bittersweet sometimes because there are people who are close to me that aren't as fortunate to have such positive childhood memories. to be honest, it feels a little unfair. i mean, every child deserves to have an awesome childhood. luckily, i have the best parents in the world (no, seriously...mine are better than yours) and they are great teachers. they set/still set a good example of what it takes to be amazing parents. it gives me hope that i might make a good dad someday and give a kid a great childhood! one worth remembering and reminiscing about for their whole life.

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