'tis the season to be freezin'

i do work outside.
sometimes it is really cold.
other times just cold.

like my haiku? it's an original. thanks.

on a brighter, and much more exciting note, thanksgiving (tday as my buddy steve-o would say) is only a couple days away! woot to an 11. and you know what that means, right? Christmas season starts the DAY AFTER!!!! now, you know by now that i rarely capitalize letters...only in super-extremely-serious-situations. and this is one, my friends.

why does Christmas keep getting earlier and earlier every year? next year it's going to be right after labor day, you know? i heard on the radio this moring that nordstroms doesn't decorate for Christmas until the day after "tday". so? big SHOULD be that way. right, kimberly?

growing up...we HAD to wait until after thanksgiving was over until we went into Christmas season. in fact, my family would sometimes have our relatives over on the saturday after thanksgiving. honestly...within probably ten minutes after they all left that family would be setting up the house for Christmas. it was great! as long as i got to set up the tiny angel singers.

happy thanksgiving, everyone. a few things i'm thankful for this year:

-a job
-my wife
-my guitars
-my friends
-a roof
-a healthy immune system
-my family
-most importantly...avanti's vegetable gondolas

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